“I have a passion for everything art related. I am compelled to intensely create and study art of all kinds.”

Wade Weber

Stunning scenes on canvas.

To backdrops for plays or a beautiful scene in your home, whatever you can imagine!

I am compelled to create art, and feel fortunate that I am able to live my dream by creating art! I credit my passion for art to several personal and professional mentors throughout my life as well as the great art masters of all time.  I create work that contains unique designs that represent the beauty and grandeur of nature.  I pull images from my travels throughout the United States and Europe, as well as landscapes from the beautiful state of Wisconsin where I grew up  and Arizona where I currently reside.  I like to invite the viewer to recognize subject matter that has personal meaning to their own life experiences, as well.

I am an avid golfer, and love biking and participating in triathlons.

Wade Weber


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